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Who is Scott Steinhardt?

Me, probably on the way to get tacos or something.

I’m a writer and musician living in Brooklyn, New York, currently working as the Director of Content at a tech-forward finance company. (So, decidedly not in the music industry at the moment.) I listen to a lot of music and write a fair amount about it. Some Good Songs is essentially my listening diary made public.

You can visit my site at

Why Substack?

I manage my cousin Roger’s Substack. After growing his audience and realizing how many people actually find other newsletters just by being on here, as well as how simple (and free) it is to schedule newsletters in advance, I decided to move from a Mailchimp instance.

Yes, I’m aware of Substack’s history with certain writers and voices that tend to spout a lot of hateful rhetoric. That said, as of this writing (October 30th), most other platforms are starting to be chock full of inescapable hate speech, and until Bari Weiss personally doxxes me, I don’t think this is that bad of a place to be.

Apple Music or Spotify?

I use the former, but each newsletter will include links for both platforms. Sorry if you use Tidal, Qobuz, or Deezer, though I appreciate the depth of each service’s curated offerings.

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Scott Steinhardt

Writer, Musician, and Marketer in Brooklyn, NY.